ASTM B111 C70600(O61) Seamless Low Finned Tube

Copper Nickel ASTM B111 C70600(O61) Seamless Low Finned Tube for Oil Cooler Pipe

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DALING SPECIAL STEEL, manufacturing and exporting Piping materials for more than 30 years, including Austenitic Stainless Steel, Super Duplex Steel, Nickel Alloy Steel (Hastelloy/Monel/Inconel/Incoloy), Copper and Copper Alloy Steel. DALING has the most advanced producing and testing equipments, our factory have been approved by: ABS, DNV.GL, BV, LR, NK, PED, AD2000, CCS, TS, ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO18001, API, CRN No etc

So far, more than 3200 companies from 56 countries trust us, such as Italy, UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, France etc, the count is increasing.

DALING is not just producer, we are more like problem solvers and focus on creating value for customers.


We can produce Copper Nickel 90/10 SB111 C70600-061 Low Finned Tube/Condenser Low Fin Tube. Our major grades including C70600 / C71500 / C12200 / C12100 / C68700 / C44300 etc.

Material Grade:

Material Designation Corresponding Material Symbol
ASTM B111 BS2871 JIS H3300 DIN1785 GB/T 8890
Copper Nickel C70600 CN102 C7060 CuNi10Fe1Mn BFe10-1-1
C71500 CN107 C7150 CuNi30Mn1Fe BFe30-1-1
C71640 CN108 C7164 CuNi30Fe2Mn2 BFe30-2-2
C70400 BFe5-1.5-0.5
Aluminium Brass C68700 CZ110 C6870 CuZn20AL2 HAL77-2
Admiralty Brass C44300 CZ111 C4430 CuZn28Sn1 HSn70-1
Boric Brass Hsn70-1B
Hsn70-1 AB
Arsenical Brass CZ126 H68A
Brass Tube C28000/C27200 CZ108 C2800/C2700 CuZn36/CuZn37 H65/H63


C70600 equals to BFe10-1-1 ; C71500 equals to BFe30-1-1
ASTM B111: Copper and Copper-Alloy Seamless Condenser Tubes and Ferrule Stock

Quick Detail:

General Low Fin Tubes Production Capacity Specifications of Low Fin Tubes(‘N’ Fins)
Finning Facility: 10 finning machines;
Daily capacity up to 3000 meters;
Tube OD: 12.7 mm~25.4mm
Tube Length: 18 meters max.
Fin Height: 1.2 mm ~2.77mm
Fin Thickness: appr. 0.3mm
Fin Pitch: 30 FPI /28 FPI/ 26 FPI/ 36 FPI /43 FPI

Manufacturing process: The fins are rolled out of outer wall of the plain tubes by a pass roller. Tubes and fins are in same piece tube. We call it [N” fin type.

Delivery of Low Fin Tubes
We can produce the integral low fin tubes with un-finned section gaps( 5mm Min.) in the middle of core tube OR bent with designed Bend Radius.

Quality Test:
The integral low fin tube quality is assured by hydrostatic or pneumatic tests, eddy current tests & MARCO tests in order to verify design specifications.

Delivery Condition:
Tube ends are square cut, free burrs, internally dried and air blown clean, externally coated with varnish.
The desiccants are put into the each package for continental transportation.

The Integral Low Finned Tubes find the preference in the following industrial sectors:

  • Heating systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Refrigeration and climate control systems
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Chemicals and pertrochemical and power plant technology



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