ASTM B622 Hastelloy C22(N06022) Seamless Tube 25*2.0

ASTM B622 Hastelloy C22(N06022) Seamless Tube 25*2*6000 MM, Bright Annealed Surface

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DALING SPECIAL STEEL, manufacturing and exporting Piping materials for more than 30 years, including Austenitic Stainless Steel, Super Duplex Steel, Nickel Alloy Steel (Hastelloy/Monel/Inconel/Incoloy), Copper and Copper Alloy Steel. DALING has the most advanced producing and testing equipments, our factory have been approved by: ABS, DNV.GL, BV, LR, NK, PED, AD2000, CCS, TS, ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO18001, API, CRN No etc

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Material Grade:

Alloy Alloy 200(N02200), Alloy 201(N02201), Alloy 20(N08020), Alloy 28(N08028), Alloy 31(N08031), Alloy 36 (K93600), Alloy 904(N08904)
Hastelloy Hastelloy C22(N06022), Hastelloy C276(N10276), Hastelloy C4(N06045), Hastelloy S(N06635), Hastelloy C2000(N06200), Hastelloy G-30(N06030), Hastelloy G-35(N06035), Hastelloy X(N06002), Hastelloy N(N10003), Hastelloy B(N10001), Hastelloy B-2(N10665), Hastelloy B-3(N10675)
Monel Monel 400(N04400), Monel 401 (N04401), Monel 404 (N04404), Monel K500(N05500),
Inconel Inconel 600(N06600), Inconel 601(N06601), Inconel 617(N06617), Inconel 625(N06625), Inconel 690(N06690), Inconel 718(N07718), Inconel X-750(N07750)
Incoloy Incoloy 800(N08800), Incoloy 800H(N08810), Incoloy 800HT(N08811), Incoloy 825(N08825), Incoloy 925(N08925), Incoloy 926(N09926)
Others 253MA(S30815), 254SMO(S31254), S32304, 17-4PH(S17400), 17-7PH(S17700), 15-7PH(S15700)


Hastelloy C22(N06022) Material is a versatile Ni-Cr-Mo-W alloy with better comprehensive corrosion resistance performance than other Ni-Cr-Mo alloys, including Alloy C276, Alloy C4 and Alloy 625. Alloy C22 has outstanding resistance to pitting, crevice, corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. It has excellent resistance to oxidizing aqueous media including wet chlorine and mixtures containing nitric acid or oxidizing acids with chloride ions. It also offers optimum resistance to environments where reducing and oxidizing conditions are encounted in process streams. So it can be used where “upset” conditions are likely to occur or in multi-purpose plants. Alloy C22 has exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemical process environments, including strong oxidizers such as ferric and cupric chlorides, chlorine, hot contaminated solutions (organic and inorganic), formix and acetic acids, acetic anhydride, and seawater and brine solutions. It resists the formation of grain boundary precipitates in the weld heat-affected zone, thus making it suitable for most chemical process applications in the as-welded condition.


Physical Properties:

Density 8.69 g/cm3
Melting Range 1325~1370


Hastelloy Family of Corrosion-Resistant Alloys: 

Hastelloy B-3 alloy Same excellent resistance to hydrochloric acid and other strongly reducing chemicals as B-2 alloy, but with significantly better thermal stability, fabricability and stress corrosion cracking resistance.
Hastelloy HYBRID- BC1 alloy A new Ni-Cr-Mo alloy with superior resistance to hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, without the drawbacks of the Ni-Mo and Zr materials. Its resistance to these key chemicals is much greater than that of the popular Ni-Cr-Mo (C-type) alloys, yet it shares with them the outstanding resistance to pitting and crevice attack in chloride salt solutions, and even withstands high levels of oxidizing impurities that the Ni-Mo alloys cannot cope with.
Hastelloy C-4 alloy High-temperature stability in the 1200-1900°F (650-1040°C) range as evidenced by good ductility and corrosion resistance. Virtually the same corrosion resistance as alloy C-276.
Hastelloy C-22 alloy Better overall corrosion resistance in oxidizing corrosives than C-4, C-276 and 625 alloys. Outstanding resistance to localized corrosion and excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Best alloy to use as universal weld filler metal to resist corrosion of weldments.
Hastelloy C-22HS alloy This alloy was designed to exhibit corrosion resistance comparable to other C-type alloys, but which can be heat treated to obtain approximately double the yield strength.
Hastelloy C-276 alloy Versatile, corrosion resistant alloy. Very good resistance to reducing, and mildly oxidizing corrosives. Excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance with very good resistance to localized attack.
Hastelloy C-2000 alloy Most versatile, corrosion resistant alloy with excellent resistance to uniform corrosion in oxidizing or reducing environments. Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and superior resistance to localized corrosion as compared to C-276 alloy.
Hastelloy G-30 alloy Many advantages over other metallic and non-metallic materials in handling phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, fluoride environments and oxidizing acid mixtures.
Hastelloy G-35 alloy Excellent resistance to corrosion in highly oxidizing media and acidic chloride environments.
Hastelloy N alloy Good resistance to aging and embrittlement and good fabricability. It has excellent resistance to hot fluoride salts in the temperature range of 1300°F to 1600°F (705°C-870°C).


  • Chemical and Petrochemical processing
  • Sulfur dioxide cooling towers
  • Pharmaceutical and plastics Industry
  • Heat exchangers and Boilers
  • Mixing Tanks 
  • Pickling Operations
  • Phosphoric acid production
  • Weld overlay
  • Flue gas scrubber systems
  • Nuclear fuel reprocessing


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